Japanese name: 不気味遺産 (Bukimi Isan)

Their style has heavy influence from western styles, particularly visible is Norman Rockwell, presenting a comical yet realistic take on the mimics, gestures, and expressions. The crisp shadings are their main attraction.

Their artworks mainly consist of Idolmaster 765Pro and explore the realistic, more humane sides of the characters.

As of 31st December 2017, Bukimi Isan announced a farewell through his twitter and has gone on an indefinite hiatus from both social media and as an artist. It has been speculated that Bukimi Isan was undergoing a depressive situation due to his environment or an illness (A theme present in his works about blood tranfusions).

Bukimi returned to Social Media on April 2019 and is currently working on the manga series 'SHY' which is being serialized on Weekly Shonen Champion.

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