Tag Implication: -monochrome to color

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That would first require that every monochrome post also gets that tag. Currently only a fraction of them do, though.

I think the color tag can be useful as tags indication an exception, i.e. a color version of something usually monochrome. For instance to tag the few color pics by an artist who usually works in monochrome (like Shichimenchou).

If every pic that uses color gets the color tag it would indeed be completely useless. Now getting people to use them properly might be harder...

We do not need a tag for color images, as -monochrome would do the same thing.

As piespy notes, it should only be used for exceptions. There's also colored for images that have had color added later - but these should generally only be colorings by the original artist. We don't want random danbooruites coloring images in photoshop and trying to upload the work. Ideally, every coloring would be made the child to an already uploaded original.