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feline_lump said:

There's hundreds of Vocaloid song tags that don't implicate Vocaloid at the moment. It would probably be simpler to have every *_(vocaloid) tag automatically implicate vocaloid, like how every *_(cosplay) tag implicates cosplay.

Man, I thought you were exaggerating, but your estimate was actually off in the other direction. There's actually almost a thousand (vocaloid) copyright tags now. @evazion what do we do with these? 700+ of them have two or more pics, 200+ have 10 or more pics.

There are about 850 *_(vocaloid) posts missing the Vocaloid tag. The top ones missing Vocaloid are:

Most of these appear to be Kagerou Project songs, which usually isn't tagged Vocaloid for some reason. So a *_(vocaloid) -> vocaloid wildcard implication appears to be invalid unless we make Kagerou Project imply Vocaloid or move these tags to *_(kagerou_project). I don't know enough about this to say which would be the right move.

Kagerou Project started as a Vocaloid storytelling song series created by Jin with original characters, using vocaloid voice. After all its novels, manga adaptation, anime adaptation, the project has its own copyright tag now. And similar to B★RS, the vocaloid tag doesn't quite need anymore.

+1 to change Kagerou Project songs either *_(Kagerou_Project) or *_(song)


If someone wants to do a mega BUR for all Vocaloid songs then I'll consider it. I don't want to do individual implications for random songs. We already did a thousand implications for the gen_*_pokemon tags, so we've kind of burned the bridge on not doing massive numbers of implications.

+1 to change Kagerou Project songs either *_(Kagerou_Project) or *_(song)

Feel free to make a request for that.