Blissful ignorance and common sense inverted

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"Blissful ignorance" and "Common sense inverted" are two tags that I really like on pixiv. There are also a few similar but smaller ones. I was wondering which tags on danbooru fit this theme the best? I guess mind control is the closest match, but it also does not have the same exact meaning. If such tags don't exist then why? Maybe there might be a possibility to create them? Or is there a serious reason why they don't exist here? Or maybe they do, and I just missed something, in which case I apologize.

What exactly do those two tags mean (on Pixiv)? From their names alone, I wouldn’t expect them to be anything like mind control at all.

Depending on what they mean, decide if they’re objectively taggable or not. If they can be tagged objectively, they can be tags on Danbooru. If they’re more subjective, they could be pools instead.