Tags for Blue Archive faction emblems?

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Hi folks,

Been thinking, since factions from copyrights such as Azur Lane and Girls und Panzer have respective tags for their emblems, eg. iron_blood_(emblem), kuromorimine_(emblem), should schools and clubs from Blue Archive also have their emblems properly tagged for easy sorting/identification purposes? Considering the emblems are generally distinct monochrome designs that are often displayed on character uniforms and equipments.

School emblems:
Abydos_(emblem) - for Abydos High School, eg. post #4027624, with a pyramid with sun symbol on top.
Gehenna_(emblem) - for Gehenna Academy, eg. post #4185445, stylized GHNA?
Hyakkiyako_(emblem) - for Allied Hyakkiyako Academy, eg. post #4333728, stylized school title.
Shanhaijing_(emblem) - for Shanhaijing Senior Secondary School, eg. post #4333743, stylized school title.
Trinity_(emblem) - for Trinity General School, eg. post #4299385, downward triangle with three interlocked open circles, and a variant with added cross.
Millennium_(emblem) - for Millennium Science School, eg. post #4515618, stylized M.

Club emblems:
Angel_24_(emblem) - for the Angel 24 store, eg. post #4339245.
Schale_(emblem) - for Independent Federal Investigation Club "Schale", eg. post #4027621, stylized compass and crosshair.
Justice_task_force_(emblem), eg. post #4350217, stylized J.
Other clubs featured in post #4423363: general_student_council_(emblem), gamedev_dept_(emblem), teaparty_(emblem), pandemonium_(emblem), kronos_(emblem), arius_(emblem), etc.

Probably gonna need a lot of spare time during the holidays and a few more people to tag, hopefully its a worthwhile effort. Tags are the short titles of the factions considering differences between fan and official translation. Thoughts?