Final Fantasy qualifier standardization (Roman -> Arabic)

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BUR #8410 has been approved by @Hillside_Moose.

create alias masamune_(ffvii) -> masamune_(ff7)
create alias avatar_(ffxiv) -> avatar_(ff14)
remove alias edge_(ffiv) -> edward_geraldine
create alias edge_(ff4) -> edward_geraldine

As noted by Hillside Moose in forum #200047, Final Fantasy qualifiers use Arabic numerals over the Roman numerals found in the full titles, due to being shorter to type and easier to read. For that purpose, the remaining FF tags which don't follow this rubric should be changed to fit that standardization.

Thankfully, most tags that still used Roman numerals were relatively small, so they were manually changed, but these two require a BUR. Additionally, changing Edge's alias to fit as well.