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NWF_Renim said:

-1. Tiger print is an indication that the strips are on a piece of clothing, but in a case like post #616117 where the stripes are on the characters tail and ears it would not be called a print, as it's a physical part of the body.

I'm not so sure about this, it's just like @NWF_Renim said in topic #3557 that tiger stripes is more suitable for "Tiger Pattern" that's on physical part of the body.
For example post #4962976 the character is a furry tiger that has "Tiger Pattern" on their body, it's more logical to use tiger stripes than tiger print, since tiger print is more suitable for non-biological thing.

I think tiger print should be the one that moved to tiger stripes, since tiger stripes is more suitable to use on anything that's "Tiger Pattern"

Edit: Great, here the problem. Since tiger_print implicate animal_print, So tiger stripes not fit there because tiger stripes isn't a "Print"
And some animal_print in there not even "Pattern" of animal, it's an animal shaped print.
Animal Shaped Print Example: post #5021282, post #4974269
Pattern of Animal Print Example: post #5019459, post #4932954

(I guess something need to be change about "Print" and "Pattern" first, it's not even the same thing.)


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  • The bulk update request #8496 has been rejected.

    mass update tiger_print animal_print -> tiger_stripes_print
    rename white_tiger_print -> white_tiger_stripes_print
    create implication tiger_stripes_print -> tiger_stripes
    create implication tiger_stripes_print -> tiger_print
    create implication tiger_shaped_print -> tiger_print
    create implication white_tiger_stripes_print -> tiger_stripes_print
    create implication white_tiger_stripes_print -> white_tiger_stripes
    create implication white_tiger_stripes -> tiger_stripes
    create implication white_tiger_shaped_print -> tiger_shaped_print

    tiger_stripes = Anything that has "Tiger Pattern"

    tiger_print = "Tiger Pattern" or/and "Tiger Shaped" on object. (Not Biological thing.)

    tiger_stripes_print = "Tiger Pattern" on object. (Not Biological thing.)
    tiger_shaped_print = "Tiger Shaped" on object. (Example post #2931547)

    white_tiger_stripes = Anything that has "White Tiger Pattern"
    white_tiger_stripes_print = "White Tiger Pattern" on object (Not Biological thing.)
    white_tiger_shaped_print = "White Tiger Shaped" on object.

    Just my idea thought, except someone has the better solution.


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  • Unbreakable
  • smowtenshi
  • Fortuna
  • The bulk update request #8521 has been rejected.


    create alias animal_print -> animal_pattern
    create alias bat_print -> bat_pattern
    create alias bear_print -> bear_pattern
    create alias panda_print -> panda_pattern
    create alias bird_print -> bird_pattern
    create alias bunny_print -> bunny_pattern
    create alias butterfly_print -> butterfly_pattern
    create alias cat_print -> cat_pattern
    create alias cow_print -> cow_pattern
    create alias dog_print -> dog_pattern
    create alias fish_print -> fish_pattern
    create alias goldfish_print -> goldfish_pattern
    create alias frog_print -> frog_pattern
    create alias leopard_print -> leopard_pattern
    create alias spider_print -> spider_pattern
    create alias tiger_print -> tiger_pattern
    create alias zebra_print -> zebra_pattern
    create alias white_tiger_print -> white_tiger_pattern
    create implication tiger_stripes -> tiger_pattern
    create implication tiger_shaped_pattern -> tiger_pattern
    create implication white_tiger_pattern -> tiger_pattern
    create implication white_tiger_stripes -> white_tiger_pattern
    create implication white_tiger_stripes -> tiger_stripes
    create implication white_tiger_shaped_pattern -> white_tiger_pattern
    create implication white_tiger_shaped_pattern -> tiger_shaped_pattern
    create alias tiger_shaped_print -> tiger_shaped_pattern
    create alias white_tiger_shaped_print -> white_tiger_shaped_pattern

    How about this then?
    "Print" shouldn't be used to call "Stripes" that's on "Skin" I think it's should be better to change it to "Pattern" instead.
    Then include tiger_stripes and tiger_shaped_pattern as subset of tiger_pattern, cause tiger_pattern (Originally tiger_print) mean both thing and not even categorized between "Tiger Stripes" and "Actual Tiger printed on Object"
    This is a real mess, how is this tag has been left like this for more than 10 years.

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  • Fortuna
  • smowtenshi
  • I'm kinda curious how did you guy that give up-vote to "alias tiger_stripes to tiger_print", really though this is a good idea?
    Or just want to reduce the tag without knowing this tag is so messed up about the meaning of it.
    Even the stripes of actual tiger, I guess you guy will call those a "Print" too.


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  • Admiral_Pectoral said:

    Can't we just alias/rename the tags to tiger stripes (body) and tiger print (clothing)?

    This is interesting, helps with ESL users and people who take tags literally.

    There are a few hundred posts, gardening is still viable. Although many users might not read wikis, I think tiger stripes need usage explanations like tiger print does. The usage of tiger tail and other clothing plus tiger stripes or tiger print is another thing to be clarified in their own wikis.

    I wouldn't expect people who come and go to know or care, but if they're actively tagging, they'll know by checking its wiki or learn by being called out.

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  • Fox/Tamamo™ said:
    Even the stripes of actual tiger, I guess you guy will call those a "Print" too.

    If there is an actual tiger, then that tiger and all its components would be included under "tiger", no?

    All tigers have tiger stripes. But we have a tag for tiger (the animal). If one wanted to search for tigers, they would search for tiger, not search for tiger stripes and end up with both tigers and tiger-striped apparel. The main purpose of looking for tiger stripes instead of the animal itself is, thus, to look for things that bear such stripes other than the animal. Hence print.


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  • Too much stuff is going on in that BUR. Other animal print tags don't have the same issue as tiger stripes/pattern. The tiger relationship you're trying to create is also very convoluted, and some tags are wrong (it should be tiger-shaped_print for example, not tiger_shaped_print, regardless of whether we want such a tag or not).

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