[discussion] Nuke Nuke telenet and telnet tags

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Nuke telenet and telnet
pointless tags, several old images from Mugen senshi valis have these tags without any real criteria, so it does not make sense that these tags continue to exist, also, the last tag contains a typo.

Although, maybe one of these tags can be put to a new use, I mean, Telenet Japan was the creator and developer of the Mugen Senshi Valis video games, also, some official images were uploaded to danbooru (Ex. post #5032748 , post #4980036 , post #4793813 ) maybe this tag can be used for official images as artist.
I want to hear what you think.

Both tags were added to those posts by the same user, all back in 2014 (sans one, in 2015). Most folks would rather want the actual artist tagged rather than a company (unless we're dealing with larger scale animation, i.e. Yostar Pictures), and even then, with official art we sometimes don't know who did the art in question, so as long as it has that tag people don't seem to mind the lack of an artist tag.

For all intents and purposes, you likely could've just manually nuked these tags when you discovered them and gone on with your day, as they are clearly useless. Additionally, Telenet and Telnet can refer to more things than just Telenet Japan, so aside from their uselessness, they are ambiguous too!