jungle_wa_itsumo chartag renames

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Instead of using the first part of the title for the qualifier, it might be better to consider changing the qualifier name to either the English title Hare+Guu or the series shorthand/sequel title HareGuu. Even in the original title, the Jungle wa Itsumo portion of the title was extremely small and deemphasized compared to the Hare nochi Guu portion.

The English title Hare+Guu used to be aliased to jungle_wa_itsumo_hare_nochi_guu, but that was retired due to lack of use around 2 years ago. The character Robert_(hare+guu) also currently uses the English title as its qualifer.

English Wikipedia - Haré+Guu
Anime website: https://hareguu.bandaivisual.co.jp/#