Double penetration + tags

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Hi guys,
Wanted to ask opinions on out current use for double penetration and triple penetration
I believe if someone is looking for dp they would be okay at seeing triple penetration posts. So maybe a tag like multiple penetrations for penises and multiple insertions would cover objects or miscellaneous would be a good idea.

Seems a little silly that if I want to look only at anal and vaginal dp posts one would have to use something like 1girl anal vaginal double_penetration -triple penetration


Think about it as when you look for dp posts, triple dp posts get excluded for the search. I would say that it would be nice to have a way to get vaginal and anal penetration posts without having to use a multitude of tags. The "just use more tags" argument is always so dismissive.

Would still be a good a idea to tackle before it becomes one.

Wait, was that search you suggested supposed to include triple penetration? Because you subtracted it, which is where my confusion is coming from. I couldn't figure out if you wanted double penetration and triple penetration to appear in the same search or not. Also, I never said anything about just using more tags. Though, this is only a matter of saving one tag on a search that's already beyond Member level, but not even near the limit of a Builder.

Double penetration definitely shouldn't be tagged together with triple penetration, though, for the same reasons we don't tag no panties with bottomless, so as long as we aren't changing that I don't have an issue with creating a "multiple_*" umbrella tag.