Tag proposal: female_only or female focustag?

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Do either female_only or female_focus tags exist in any form? i could have sworn they did, but maybe im just thinking of Sankaku or something.
would make searching for content involving (and focusing on) girls much easier, would be useful to have the appropriate male variants of each as well.

mongirlfan said:

Gelbooru has the female_focus tag as well if I'm not mistaken, but if these tags existed, they would certainly be the biggest tags in danbooru, you can't even count the search ~1girl ~multiple_girls -1boy -multiple_boys -1other -multiple_others

this is exactly why we need one tag to make it easier. i understand that it may seem pointless to have tags that encompass 90 percent of works posted, but its still important. 1girl, large_breasts, solo,... these tags are all huge but they exist for a reason

Username_Hidden said:

I wouldn't be against it, but

  • There should also be an other_focus (more doable since it should have less artworks than male solo
  • Someone would have to go through 5 million artworks, because i don't trust a simple mass update to do a good job.

The first one is doable whether the female focus proposal passed or not, the second one not so much.

There's already an other focus, though it might be underused

Way back in the old days, there was a female tag, but it was purged for reasons documented in topic #3586.

While there are some searches that would probably be slightly less cumbersome with this tag, the point remains that it isn't strictly necessary. For many of us, nonamethanks's recommendation of searching for -male_focus provides results that, while not perfect, are good enough. Yes, you will have to deal with false positives, or append -1boy -multiple_boys to your search if you really, really don't want to see male characters, but this alone culls the number of unwanted posts by a huge margin.

In hindsight, was removing the female tag a bad idea? Maybe. But it's gone now, and at this point, recreating it would require a monumental effort. It's been gone for over a decade, yet Danbooru has done just fine without it. I think I speak for most of the contributors here when I say that I'm not feeling very enthusiastic about populating a marginally useful tag with literally millions of posts. It's just not worth the trouble, and we have bigger fish to fry.