Colosseum utility alias

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AngryZapdos said:

Coliseum has millions more Google search results, but the Wikipedia article uses colosseum so we might as well use that one.

The reason for that is because coliseum in common NA English usage is used for any large stadium, arena, or theater. While wikipedia does alias coliseum to colosseum, you'll see under their disambiguation page all the NA stadiums and arenas with the name coliseum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colosseum_(disambiguation). This is why it would have more google results than Colosseum, but if you browse through google image search the results depicting Roman Colosseum images quickly drop away and almost all image results for Coliseum become stadium and arena results.

Colosseum on the other is almost universally used to refer specifically to the Roman Amphitheatrum Flavianum.