Nintendo Direct series implications here

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It's probably reasonable to consider going ahead with the implication now, as both current numbered Xenoblade Chronicle games have 1k+ and 9k+ posts respectively. It's hard to imagine there won't end up being enough posts to warrant the implication later in a few months for the title.

Hillside_Moose said:

It looks like a Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity situation, where it's set in the Three Houses universe but the timeline diverges from canon due to new characters being dropped in.

I would implicate it to fire_emblem:_three_houses like with Age of Calamity, but honestly we don't have enough information about Three Hopes right now.

The lack of information is the main issue. If we implicate it to Three Houses and they end up adding Lyn or someone, we've played ourselves.

I think it should be implicated to Fire Emblem only because of this.