Alias tree trunk -> tree

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Laudividni said:

Looking at the tag history it seems to have been used more for images with trees where you could only/mostly see its trunk than actual logs and tree stumps.

Yeah that's why I was hesitating in tag it as log, I'm not sure if many people would care enough to distinguish between the two, but I think it's always better to have both options and let people decide what makes more sense to them even if just a few people care.

iridescent_slime said:

Also, @Hyozen, please be careful about nuking tags yourself before initiating a discussion in the forum. Several of the posts that were tagged tree_trunk should have been tagged tree_stump or log, but weren't, and it's not as easy to find and fix them all once they can only be found through the post history screen.

Actually, I didn't do this only on myself, I asked for confirmation first, but yes, fixing stuff through the post history is troublesome indeed. I'll keep that in mind for the next time. For now I'll just leave the BUR open to die on itself unless another choice is made.