[Fate] Mash Kyrielight costumes BUR

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BUR #8970 has been approved by @nonamethanks.


rename mash_kyrielight_(formal_dress)_(fate) -> mash_kyrielight_(formal_dress)
rename mash_kyrielight_(traveling_outfit)_(fate) -> mash_kyrielight_(traveling_outfit)
create alias chaldea_dinnertime -> char:mash_kyrielight_(chaldea_dinnertime)
create implication mash_kyrielight_(chaldea_dinnertime) -> mash_kyrielight
create alias chaldea_teatime -> char:mash_kyrielight_(chaldea_teatime)
create implication mash_kyrielight_(chaldea_teatime) -> mash_kyrielight
create alias grand_new_year_(fate) -> char:mash_kyrielight_(grand_new_year)
create implication mash_kyrielight_(grand_new_year) -> mash_kyrielight
create implication mash_kyrielight_(anniversary_heroines) -> mash_kyrielight
create implication mash_kyrielight_(chaldea_park_caravan) -> mash_kyrielight
create implication mash_kyrielight_(escape_from_the_pyramid) -> mash_kyrielight
create implication mash_kyrielight_(irohanihoheto) -> mash_kyrielight
create implication mash_kyrielight_(lostroom_outfit) -> mash_kyrielight
create implication mash_kyrielight_(muscle_cavalier) -> mash_kyrielight
create implication mash_kyrielight_(sign_of_smiling_face) -> mash_kyrielight
create implication mash_kyrielight_(under_the_same_sky) -> mash_kyrielight
create implication mash_kyrielight_(welcome_to_the_travelling_circus!) -> mash_kyrielight

The first two renames are to remove the *_(fate) qualifier. All of her other costumes don't have it, and I sincerely doubt we need the additional copyright qualifier to disambiguate her full name.

The rest are standard aliases and implications for Mash's costumes. Mash was significantly harder to sort through than the Ritsukas due to the ungodly number of Craft Essences she's in plus the unnamed official alternate costumes she has from promotional material and collaboration events.

Ortenaus and Dive to Blue are already requested in forum #204325.