[Fate] Deprecating 'The Musketeers' Craft Essence

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So I got around to breaking The Musketeers (Fate/Grand Order) into chartags, and I need clarification on something. The tags I made were:

Caster and Alter match their original chartags fine enough. The trouble is with differentiating Cu Chulainn (Fate/Stay Night) and Cu Chulainn (Fate/Prototype). This is the only CE that Cu Prototype is present in with a different outfit (as far as I'm aware), so his naming convention was rather confusing for me. I originally made cu chulainn (fate/prototype) (the musketeers) (fate) to follow the same logic as cu_chulainn_(caster)_*, but I felt the *_(fate) qualifier was redundant even though it's visually consistent with the rest. Is it fine to leave it like this, or should it be changed?

I won't fill in the wikis for now until this is sorted out.