Crystal Exarch tag (SPOILERS for FFXIV 5.0)

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Currently there's no consistency in how G'raha Tia and Crystal Exarch are used and I want to clean it up.

Canon info for those who haven't played the game:
G'raha Tia is a minor character in the base game, A Realm Reborn, then disappears for the first two expansions. The third expansion, Shadowbringers, revolves around a cloaked, hooded figure with a crystalline arm and crystal growths on his neck (post #4136694) called the Crystal Exarch. I think it was pretty obvious to most people immediately that the Crystal Exarch was G'raha Tia, but this isn't confirmed until later. G'raha remains a main character in the next expansion, but without the hood and crystal growths.

There are a bunch of posts that feature G'raha in his distinctive Crystal Exarch robes and with crystal arms, but aren't tagged Crystal Exarch. There are a bunch of posts tagged Crystal Exarch but not G'raha Tia. I would propose treating crystal exarch like a skin tag and adding it to all the posts featuring the distinctive clothes/crystals whether G'raha's face is visible or not, and adding G'raha Tia to everything. If no one objects that's what I'll do. Alternatively, we could allow posts like post #3932882 or post #3590675 where it is not clear that G'raha is underneath the hood to be tagged Crystal Exarch but not G'raha.

Also, there's a questions about spoilers which has been added inconsistently to some posts that expose who the Crystal Exarch is. I don't think any of them need spoilers any more, as the expansion is >2 years old, is no longer the most recent expansion, and in any event it was pretty obvious from the start that they were the same person.