Animal ears and tail implication for hyenas

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Talulah said:

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I still think it should be added, honestly. Lemme explain.

If it is explicitly stated to be hyena ears, or a hyena tail, it should be tagged as hyena. And since a hyena is an animal, I think it should go under hyena.

I have no idea why people on this website tend to be very hesitant when it comes to the creation of implications... is it a money thing? That's my only guess. Since all of those tags already exist in the previous thread, and all of those creatures mentioned count as animals, why shouldn't they be included?

People may argue that it's useless but still, the tags exist and are used. It makes for better organization using different tags, does it not? Now if the reason people are weird about implications is for money purposes, I'd understand that a little more. Maintaining websites can be costly and maybe there are limits on data I'm unaware of? But for now, I'm very lost on how a hyena can't be considered an animal.