Angel Beats! character name aliases

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BUR #9357 has been approved by @evazion.

rename irie_miyuki -> irie_miyuki_(yuki_arare)
rename nakamura_yuri -> nakamura_yuri_(garnet_crow)
create alias yuri_(angel_beats!) -> nakamura_yuri
create alias hinata_(angel_beats!) -> hinata_hideki
create alias otonashi_(angel_beats!) -> otonashi_yuzuru
create alias iwasawa -> iwasama_masami
create alias irie_(angel_beats!) -> irie_miyuki
create alias sekine -> sekine_shiori
create alias tenshi_(angel_beats!) -> tachibana_kanade

topic #4537, topic #7682, topic #4195, topic #8162.

Resubmitting from topic #7682 since it seems silly to avoid using their real names. It's been a decade, they aren't super-spoilery to begin with, and these are the names used on other sites like MAL and the Angel Beats! wiki.

Two of the names are already taken by two characters with few posts, so I included two renames for them.