rename sword art online: alicization characters

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Agree with the renaming, but _(underworld) qualifier is still making them ambiguous. (I'm not too hot with the first proposed qualifier, either)

Going to agree with mongirlfan's proposed qualifier here. But then again, I don't know any alternatives so, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe we could go even further and make a overhaul on variants of SAO character tags.
Here's all SAO character that have variants:

Asuna would be most especial case, as she have two other variants named Titania (SAO) and Erika (SAO) (this last one have a more different visual).
If we were to rename them like we do in other copyrights (specially gacha games), we could go this way:

Now, these two characters appears after the first SAO game, debuting in their ALO and GGO versions respectively. I suggest creating catch all tags with the "(SAO)" qualifier:

Of course, these two would need a cleanup before making the catch all tags. Thoughs on these ideas?


When I created that tagging scheme with SAO we didn't have the system we have now with series like with FGO, and at the time to avoid confusion I figured to put the fictional sub-world after the SAO as a means to show the character was still from the SAO series. Having it as say Kirito_(GGO) would potentially run the risk of confusing users that the character was from a different series, and I think at the time I thought something like Kirito_(GGO)_(SAO) would be a bit unwieldly and awful looking so went with the scheme currently in use. As we have more or less standardized the <character name>_(<appearance/outfit>)_(<series>) set up and even SAO has its own gacha games, it would make sense to update the tag names.