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EB said:

I'm not sure on this, because it looks like "Micchon" is a nickname rather an actual given name.

It is a nickname, but it's the name she goes by, and we don't know her given name.

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  • Wikipedia:

    Shikimori (式守) / Shikimori-san

    [...]Her friends call her Mi-chon (みっちょん, Mitchon) and Izumi's parents call her Mi-chan (みーちゃん, Mi ̄-chan).[...]

    Wikipedia doesn't seem to confirm that is her given name, and does seem to at least give the impression it is a nickname. The anime website also only lists her as Shikimori-san (式守さん).

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  • >下の名前は不明だが、猫崎からは「みっちょん」、和泉夫妻からは「みーちゃん」と呼ばれている。
    And if I may add, checked the Japanese language Wikipedia article on the series from which the first part of this sentence roughly translates to "Though her first name is unknown...".
    Additionally, some other characters on the official anime site have their first names written down as well, so I'm against renaming the tag.

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