[Fate] Character implications. Renames needed too?

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BUR #9571 has been rejected.

rename archer-tan -> archer_(type-moon_ace_vol._5)_(fate)
create implication archer_(type-moon_ace_vol._5)_(fate) -> archer_(fate)
rename lancer-tan -> cu_chulainn_(type-moon_ace_vol._5)_(fate)
create implication cu_chulainn_(type-moon_ace_vol._5)_(fate) -> cu_chulainn_(fate)
create implication mini_cu-chan_(fate) -> cu_chulainn_(fate)

For Mini Cu-chan, I'm trying to clean it up so that he and Cu Alter are treated with a flat hierarchy rather than a nested one as it seems to be happening right now. The Mini Cu -> Cu implication doesn't exist yet, so I think that needs to be done.

Not 100% positive on Lancer-tan and Archer-tan though. I don't even know if that's what they're supposed to be called. They originate from the TYPE-MOON Ace vol. 5, also in a pool, and have no actual names given to them in the official art. The only Pixiv tags I found for them were ロリ弓 and ロリ槍, so I'm guessing the existing tags are legacy tags that need to be updated.

The question is if they’re to be renamed, what should they go by? The best I can think of are either cu_chulainn_(loli_lancer)_(fate) and archer_(loli_archer)_(fate), or cu_chulainn_(type-moon_ace_vol._5)_(fate) and archer_(type-moon_ace_vol._5)_(fate). I would think the second set are more official sounding since there are similar instances of outfits originating from limited-time events or special celebrations, but this is a genderswap we’re talking about, not a costume.

Looking at the official pictures, Lancer is referred to as ランサー性転換 - I think I got it right - and Archer as a ロリ.

I'm neutral. The first option seems easier to type and matches the Pixiv tags, the classes in the qualifier could be removed as well, though it's unlikely someone is going to search for these tags. I think I just found them on Danbooru through wikis or by chance. The second makes more sense in my opinion, let's what others have to say.