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create implication broken_plate -> plate

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skylightcrystal said:

The only ones of those that are remotely comparable are the broken weapon and broken sword ones but okay.

I think if the tagger isn't sure if they should tag plate on a post with broken plate, they shouldn't be tagging the latter in the first place, if someone want to see a normal plate they could just search plate -broken_plate.

Btw we have a lot of tags for this matter: shattering, shattered, shatter, shards, at least one of them might be redundant, but I don't know what should be done about them.

Since we're at this, should some of the broken_* tags imply broken? As broken chain and broken weapon do?

These tags are so small compared to their intact variant that effectively it doesn't matter whether we imply them from the perspective of someone searching for the main tag.
On the other hand, someone searching for an object shouldn't have to figure out that we have another N subset tags we don't imply for arbitrary reasons.