Very long upload time from direct image link, ended up with duplicate unposted uploads

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I've been uploading pictures from Pixiv the usual way (direct image link), but then I started to notice that the uploading process is taking longer than usual. After a minute of waiting, I decided to hit refresh and try again a few more times, but still to no avail. I decided to do another one but still have the same issue. At this point, I have no idea what is going on and I've decided to write a bug inquiry on the forums.

But after like 20-30 minutes of writing and waiting, I checked my uploads and just discovered that the images I've been trying to upload...have been uploaded (and waiting for the finishing touches). This makes me believe that there must be a technical issue affecting the direct image upload process. But now, I have a bunch of duplicate unposted uploads that are possibly going to be stuck in my personal library. Does anybody have the same issue trying to upload image via direct link?

Not sure if this happens the same thing from directly the computer's drive.

Hyozen said:

It's been like that for a while: forum #210210

Edit: the reply above had a wrong link so I replied this thread myself, but it's already been fixed.

It definitely has not been fixed, I'm still stuck on time outs, and when they do finish on occasion and I can finish tagging, my uploads are marked as duplicates.