rename haruno_shiobana -> shiobana_haruno

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nonamethanks said:

Danbooru rules are before everything else "use common sense".

Why is this "common sense"? Do we have any other Japanese-named character from a Japanese copyright on this site whose name isn't tagged in its original order?

nonamethanks said:

It's not even a real japanese name. It's made up to sound like "Giorno Giovanna".


First of all, "Haruno" is very much a real Japanese name (yes, even with those kanji).

Second... so what? Authors make up names all the time. "Fuura" isn't a real Japanese name either - it was made up for Fuura Kafuka to sound like "Franz Kafka", but we don't call her Fra Kafka or whatever.

nonamethanks said:

Did you even look at the site you linked? The given translation for that name is "じょるの", which transliterates to "Giorno". It's only "real" because people started naming their kids after anime characters.

Yeah, that's the joke. 初 can be pronounced like "ha" or "jo", which I have to assume is why Araki used it in the first place. Also, the fun thing about Japanese names is that you can plunk in just about any characters that make the sounds you want, or even kind of have vaguely related meanings to the sounds you want (remember Yagami Light?), and that'll be your kid's name. There's not, like, a list of names that are "real" and names that aren't.

Anyway, it's obvious we're never going to see eye to eye on this. Would an alias be an acceptable compromise?