alias feral to bestiality

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nonamethanks said:

In the past the tag has been added to posts like post #280703 and post #3204604, so I'm afraid this would cause terrible mistags.

That's a plain definition tagging error. The vast majority of images that were tagged feral are bestiality images. Or at least a lot of Pokémon stuff.

As said, it's the common name for sites like e621 and rule34 for legally distinct bestiality. An alias would (probably) stop a majority of those terrible mistags.

Based on feral's past tag history prior to it being nuked a year ago, posts tagged with it don't just include bestiality, but also interspecies, perhaps in part because of how they are used on other websites. So I'd advocate instead for deprecating it and having its wiki include links to the appropriate tags to use instead.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning why this thread popped up in the first place: post #5297580 was shared, and a debate began on whether the female in the image was an oversized owl or a furry owl, or rather whether it counts for bestiality or for furry, which led to the proposition of making a tag for characters that are in-between. Feral was brought up as a result, and thelieutenant rushed over here to nip it in the bud because of the points raised by Veradux. Renim already resolved the issue of feral being used for people, technically, with feral child, and the other post NNT brought up is technically covered by pool:4944 (which could technically be turned into a tag if we wanted to).

For the case that inspired this thread in the first place, perhaps something like feral furry could work, following the format Renim began, but that has the issue of possibly being applied on furries engaging in feral instincts, but it is the best name I could think of.