Bunny -> Rabbit (animal only)

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The bulk update request #10009 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias bunny -> rabbit
create alias bunny_on_head -> rabbit_on_head
create alias too_many_bunnies -> too_many_rabbits

Bunny is an unscientific term, and was originally used to refer to young girls, and it's only over time that they became a term for young/baby rabbits (dictionary.com). We don't use puppy or kitty for the animals themselves, and so we shouldn't use the same for rabbits either. I realize that topic #17177 exists, but there is already no standardization for the usage, as we have several tags that use rabbit already. This BUR will only cover the actual animal or any tags related to the actual animal, to avoid any confrontations any users may have for other usages of the term bunny.

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