Chrono Cross characters

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Chrono Cross characters right now are a bit of an inconsistent mix of the original Japanese and English localized names. Is there any particular direction we want to go with them? There were few aliases in the Japanese direction back in topic #12179. But it looks like with the Chrono Trigger characters in any case, we're largely going by the localized names now.

The bulk update request #10410 has been approved by @evazion.

create alias tsukuyomi_(chrono_cross) -> harle_(chrono_cross)
create alias rena_(chrono_cross) -> leena_(chrono_cross)

I manually moved Hoshi no Ko to Starky, and after these aliases, it will just be cleaning up some of the straggler JP names. Most of the characters are single-named and qualifiers are not consistently applied (see post #2868328). Should we just add them to the rest that don't have them now?