Questionable/Explicit Images no longer visible regardless of settings

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Right now I am experiencing a weird bug where all the Questionable/Explicit Images aren't showing up on Danbooru.

It says to disable 'Safe mode' on my settings, but it is already set to 'No'. Regardless of the settings I am only seeing safe rating images.

Is it just me just experiencing this, or did Danbooru face an unknown bug today?

Talulah said:

Are you on safebooru.donmai.us?

Nope. Just donmai.us

EDIT: Ok going into danbooru.donmai.us fixed it.

Not sure why going into 'donmai.us' is making this happen all of a sudden because it never happened before.

evazion said:

I was experimenting with enabling safe mode on donmai.us because of reasons. I've reverted it for now. But you should always use danbooru.donmai.us to browse the site, not anything else.

Oh that was why. Okay no problem lol