Imply butterfly sitting -> knees apart feet together

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Hyozen said:

BUR #10239 has been rejected.

create implication butterfly_sitting -> knees_apart_feet_together

I guess I'm not missing something this time.

I don't want this to sound like whining or complaining, but this time I'm really surprised that this didn't get through. I really tried to find anything that could make the BUR impossible before submitting it, a simple glance at the tags themselves reveals that they're similar, even if not every knees apart feet together is butterfly sitting, possible reasons for the BUR to fail that I can think of are:

1. post #1711851, crossed feet, can be tagged with indian style instead;
2. post #1647649, from behind, shouldn't be tagged with butterfly sitting;
3. post #1594082, not even butterfly sitting;
4. post #2766336, can't see the feet, same thing as (2).

Very, very few results on google images from the search "butterfly pose" returns images that aren't knees apart feet together, most are under this definition, even if there are some variations. Looking at all this points, which is all I can think for now, it seems the implication itself is correct, I suppose there's either a subtle nuance that I'm not able to perceive or the tags themselves aren't wanted.

Anyway, I tried offering this point of view as a last attempt before the BUR gets auto-rejected, indeed it's not any really important implication, but it doesn't seem harmful enough to be rejected without a second thought if apparently there's nothing wrong with it either.