Tumblr links not working?

Posted under Bugs & Features

Today I have discovered that there's a problem with uploading via Tumblr links - both direct links to illustrations, and links to posts, *and* permalinks. The error code I got with the first two was:

Upload failed: Failed to replace upload_media_assets because one or more of the new records could not be saved..

While the permalink got me:

Upload failed: File is not an image or video.

I have a few theories why it may be:
1. Nowadays, Tumblr sometimes converts .png to .pnj, and .gif to .gifv - reflected in the file's URL.
2. When viewing a file through a direct link, like this one (Tumblr post link here), only a blue background is shown if not logged in - the file only appears properly when logged into Tumblr, for some reason. It may be a copyright protection, like on Pixiv, maybe?
3. The permalinks are more of a redirect to a Tumblr post.

I think tumblr might have accidentally broken their own website. For this post for example if I click the image it redirects me to a blue screen, even as logged in. I guess we'll have to wait a few days and see if it changes.

It's definitely something recent because it broke some of my bots too and they were working fine until yesterday.