Anya and hair cones

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According to hair cones' wiki it's supposed to be used for cones made with actual hair, but with the recent airing of Spy x Family, a lot of Anya posts are polluting the tag, her wiki even says that she "has pink hair with hair cones" and I can’t blame them. Hair cones just sounds like a hair ornament especially considering other tags like hair flower. This was probably not a problem before due to the rareness of cones used as decoration.
I suggest a rename to cone-shaped hair, to go inline with the also recently renamed bow-shaped hair and flower-shaped hair, and leave hair cones an ornament tag.
There’s also hair horns, I wonder if we should do the same.

The anya_(spy_x_family) wiki is obviously wrong, and that's prompting uploaders to add the tag. Even if nobody reads the wiki, tags linked in the wiki automatically show up in the list of related tags. But beyond that, I see the problem here as twofold:

One, it isn't clear what hair_cones means to anyone who doesn't read its definition. I agree that cone-shaped_hair would help prevent this sort of mix-up. Or cone_hair_buns, or whatever. Anything less vague than hair_cones will do.

Two, there isn't an obvious tag for cone-shaped hair ornaments. Note that there are also several posts where this character was tagged hairpods. I hate the idea of creating a tag just for one character's hair accessories, but there needs to be some way of tagging them, because otherwise taggers will fall back on misusing other tags instead.

I think in Anya's case they are actually cone-shaped bun covers aren't they? I think she's intended to have hair bunched up inside them (we see it that way in her flashback in the show). Her hairstyle is also somewhat imaginative though (like Yor's is), so I'm not sure exactly where the hair in the buns is supposed to come from since she seems to just have a typical medium length bob cut otherwise.

Given that though, I'm not sure it's wrong to tag her with hair cones and/or bun cover, or would we prefer not to do the former, since they aren't usually directly visible as hair? It seems the latter isn't really being used at all for her, is that because of the unconventional shape?

Edit: seeing Unbreakable's post here, I agree hairpods fits better than bun cover.

punished_K said:

May I also direct your eyes to topic #21253

The difference between Han Juri and Mouri Ran is that, in Juri’s arts you can see how her hair’s been styled to form the cone shape, but Ran’s hair... is not hair(?) It’s literally just a triangle sticking out of her forehead with no indication of fur texture nor styling tools, and unlike Juri’s fanarts Ran’s tend to stick with that mysterious triangle shape in a consistency. So I’m not sure how would topic #21253 apply to this.

These things seem a perfect fit for hairpods.
They look kinda metallic, and have a rather round shape.

As for bun covers: Aren't these more made out of...wool nd other soft materials, and are more sphere-shaped?

Personally, I go with hairpods, and this wiki is a perfect example of a quick write-up in which smaller tags are looked over.