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What the tag breast slip is for?

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I might not request a BUR outright like I usually do, but I can't see exactly what tag is meant for when we already have a whole encyclopedia of tags dedicated exclusively to breasts and their level of exposure:

breasts out, one breast out, areola slip, nipple slip, downblouse, underboob, sideboob, backboob, bursting breasts
For clothes openings/gaps: center opening, cleavage cutout, button gap, plunging neckline

The wiki is not very descriptive either and it's only linked in another two tags, so it makes me think the tags mentioned above and this tag were created independently and that fact possibly went unnoticed, any thoughts?

The history of breast slip is a little weird. topic #2312 topic #12271

Despite its name and wiki suggesting it only applies to accidental exposure of one breast, evident in the second topic where the implication from one breast out was removed based on that confusion, it was originally intended to basically function as a catch-all tag for exposed breasts.

Unless we repurpose it to be limited to unintentional exposure, it's probably redundant with our current tags.