Give different types of heart hands their own tags

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Currently there are several different types of hand gestures under heart hands.

A: The most common one, heart made with thumbs and other fingers
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B: Variant of A, heart made with thumbs and this time index fingers only
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C: Similar to A or B, but reversed, an upside-down spade hands
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D: Heart made with index fingers and middle fingers
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E: Heart made with fingers and wrists
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F: double thumbs down
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G: mistagged finger hearts

Personally I find them all visually distinguishable enough to deserve separate tags, and I can imagine users looking for arts of one of these specific gestures. I know that it's going to be a mess to clean up but it's better to start now then never getting to it. If that's too much at once, type A, B, D are the most popular ones so they should be resolved first.

I want to hear others' opinions and name suggestions. I don't know if we prefer to keep heart hands as type A, or make it the umbrella, or just deprecate it, so I won't send any BUR yet.