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iridescent_slime said:

I'm not too excited about forcing bracket fungi (post #505822, post #2038313) into the mushroom tag.

Polypores are recognized as mushrooms by most people. Mostly because that's what they're sold as.

Either way, it seems that even mold is mistagged. A lot of it is mistagged moss. Seems like we need to clean up the 'shrooms and whatnot. Perhaps reverse the alias and turn fungus into an umbrella tag for mushrooms, mold, and create a tag for granular non-phallic mushrooms?

feline_lump said:

microscopic fungi (post #3482123)

Those are not microscopic. There are people in the frame for reference. The creature and other organisms depicted are very large, and other posts in the copyright agree. I believe that microbe should work if a depiction of microscopic fungi ever gets upped (drawing depicting a bio lesson about yeast or hyphae, perhaps). I'm not sure how made-up plant/fungus-like things are handled.

iridescent_slime said:

I'm not too excited about forcing bracket fungi (post #505822, post #2038313) into the mushroom tag. They might be closely related and serve the same function, but I would assume that folks searching for mushrooms are looking for objects with the familiar mushroom shape, not ridged things growing from the sides of trees.

Another issue with this is that, depending on the artstyle, bracket fungi and mushrooms with no stems, such as oyster mushrooms, can be very difficult to distinguish.

Separating mushroom into multiple tags would likely confuse taggers and doesn't agree with Wikipedia's conclusion that "the term is more one of common application to macroscopic fungal fruiting bodies than one having precise taxonomic meaning."

I think aliasing these two tags will cause more confusion around these taggers that will uploads two or more images that includes these tags. As there are multiple types of funguses, not just mushrooms.

Talulah said:

Polypores are mushrooms to many people, and mold has its own tag. I don't particularly view mold + mushroom as a valuable umbrella tag. Aliasing mushroom to fungus is possibly the worst option.

Changed BUR to deprecate the fungus tag. mold has its own tag, and does mushroom. The fungus wiki should then be updated to point to mold, mushroom, and whatever else may get tagged fungus.