Girl_on_top automatically part of cowgirl_position?

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First I apologize if I'm not using danbooru terms correctly.My question is if there is a way to make girl_on_top automatically part of the cowgirl_position tag? What I mean is like how if you tag something as "veiny_breasts" "veins" is also apart of that tagging automatically. Think of it as maybe a pet peeve of mine that when I see cowgirl position pictures girl on top should just be automatically part of it because that's exactly that the cowgirl position is.

Actually seconds after posting this I realized that cowgirl_position despite the name can apply to a situation in which a guy is the one being penetrated so automatically tagging it with girl_on_top wouldn't make any sense.


Well, there is such function. There's "Request alias/implication" on top of the Forum page, and that's what it's for. The theoretical Bulk Update Request (BUR) would be "imply cowgirl_position -> girl_on_top", but as you already pointed out, there are situations where the person penetrated isn't a girl, so the tags can't automatically imply each other.

Though, you are right, there are many posts that are tagged with cowgirl position that feature a girl being penetrated, but that aren't tagged as girl on top, even though they should.