Renaming "turtleneck leotard"

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Once again, it seems some people do not read the wiki and have been adding turtleneck leotard on any posts with leotards that have turtleneck design when this is supposed to be the Uniqlo Heat-Tech that this tag refers to. Heck, even Cammy White's Shadaloo doll leotard is similar, just aqua-colored. Any better term to use as substitute?


Maybe uniqlo_turtleneck_leotard? It's stupid otherwise to ban literal turtleneck leotards from the tag just because they're not that one specific turtleneck leotard. Also I don't think that official colours should be the only ones which get the uniqlo tag, if they otherwise fit.

The bulk update request #11021 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias turtleneck_leotard -> heattech_leotard

Often mistagged, with the former tag also being used for literal turtleneck leotards. Suggestion tag is based on the name "Rei no HeatTech."

Can't use rename function due to the tag having more than 200 posts.

This can be unaliased later once the alias has been approved so the former tag can be applied to literal turtleneck leotards.