remove alias balls_deep -> deep_penetration

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BUR #10801 has been rejected.

remove alias balls_deep -> deep_penetration

This alias was made in forum #191668. Initially it was intended to go the other way (deep_penetration -> balls_deep), but it was changed because "people might use it for deepthroat or argue about no_testicles futanari".

The problem is we're conflating two terms. Deep penetration might be fine for post #5423321, but it shouldn't be tagged balls_deep. There are many examples of it being applied to definitely not balls deeps images, even including things like sex toys or tentacles. It even ended up tagged on things like post #5401666 for some reason. If we're forcing a tag called "deep penetration", users will tag it even when it's not balls deep. See topic #13682 and topic #16687 for examples of users using it differently.

nonamethanks said:

What's the intended follow-up for this? To have balls deep be a separate tag?

Yeah, unless we don't want deep_penetration separate. In which case all the non-balls deep posts in deep_penetration should be removed and the tag renamed to balls_deep.

I would like them to be separate and for deep penetration to still exist as its own thing, since I assumed (from the primary alias and tagging usage I've seen) that the tag was predicated on the vagina/rectum being 100% filled and not anything to do with where the testes happen to be. Often enough in such cases the penis is longer than the vagina/rectum, rather than the exact same length, so it's impossible for the penis-owner to be balls-deep (without venturing into guro territory, at least).

Basically, (my) ideal use cases for the tags would reflect two sides of a coin:
balls deep = entire penis fits inside vagina/rectum
deep penetration = entire vagina/rectum is filled by penis