Rename nacho_(amashiro natsuki) -> nachoneko

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The part in the parenthesis is already a disambiguation, it's a standard practice on Danbooru. For example, compare Aaron (Pokemon) and Aaron (Undertale). Different characters, same name, but they cannot be mistaken for each other because their copyright's name is included. For original characters it's the artist's name that's used instead.

No idea who this character/vtuber is though, so I'm not voting.

Talulah said:

This doesn't really assist in avoiding confusion at all as the name is already disambiguated. If anything it just makes it worse—who is nachoneko? To whom does she belong?

Not every single character needs a qualifier, there is literally only one "nachoneko".

Also, according to both the OC tag in pixiv and her youtube channel the character name is "nachoneko" and not "nacho", so the chartag should be nachoneko or nachoneko (amashiro natsuki) if you want to be pedantic

For vtubers we typically qualify their artist entries if they conflict with the chartag. This is kind of the opposite case, where the artist became a vtuber, but there's no conflict and she's quite popular so there's probably no need for a qualifier.

I changed the request to an alias though.