Rename the aircraft tags

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BUR #11341 has been approved by @evazion.


rename spitfire_(airplane) -> supermarine_spitfire
rename meteor_(airplane) -> gloster_meteor
rename harrier_jump_jet -> hawker_harrier
rename hurricane_(airplane) -> hawker_hurricane
rename roc_(airplane) -> blackburn_roc
rename beaufighter_(airplane) -> bristol_beaufighter
rename swordfish_(airplane) -> fairey_swordfish
rename mosquito_(airplane) -> de_havilland_mosquito
rename vampire_(airplane) -> de_havilland_vampire
rename vulcan_(airplane) -> avro_vulcan
rename firefly_(airplane) -> fairey_firefly
rename defiant_(airplane) -> bolton-paul_defiant
rename buccaneer_(airplane) -> blackburn_buccaneer
rename 747_(airplane) -> boeing_747
rename 767_(airplane) -> boeing_767
rename 787_(airplane) -> boeing_787
rename a380 -> airbus_a380
rename a320 -> airbus_a320
rename a330 -> airbus_a330
rename a340 -> airbus_a340
rename a350 -> airbus_a350
rename dc-10 -> douglas_dc-10
rename sea_vixen -> de_havilland_sea_vixen
rename sparrowhawk_(gloster) -> gloster_sparrowhawk
rename wyvern_(airplane) -> westland_wyvern
rename camel_(airplane) -> sopwith_camel
rename tornado_(airplane) -> panavia_tornado_(aircraft)
rename tornado_(hawker) -> hawker_tornado
create alias dh4 -> airco_dh.4
create alias lancaster_(airplane) -> avro_lancaster
create alias martlet_(airplane) -> f4f_wildcat
create alias mirage2000 -> mirage_2000

Aircraft were usually referred with manufacturer's name and not simply called with their assigned name unless it was mentioned already in the conversation.

For example, you can't search for the Sopwith Camel on Danbooru, because it's tagged as camel_(airplane), despite the fact that the plane is usually referred with manufacturer's name.

Also, I'd like to make an alias of Martlet, since it's literally the same plane as F4F with no differences other than its markings.

Edit: I think we should rename other airliner tags with manufacturer, since I don't think people will search "747" over "Boeing 747" when they searched for an airplane.

Edit 2: I just found that there's a character from an obscure VN called Panavia Tornado, I think the tag for her should be renamed to avoid confusion with the aircraft.

Edit 3: There is two aircraft named "Tornado", one made by Hawker (tornado (hawker)) and the other by Panavia (tornado_(airplane)), so I think it's better to list the manufacturer's name before the aircraft name.


Planes that already have a numerical designation like f4f_wildcat and a6m_zero and not just the nickname by itself are already perfectly descriptive imo (and the manufacturer is already indicated via the last letter of the designation). But a bunch of the Japanese planes are lacking in anything other than the 3-character designation, so I feel they really ought to have a name attached so they don't just look like random letters. But then the Japanese didn't give nicknames to all of their planes so while we already have d4y_suisei and b6n_tenzan, we'd end up having to mix in American names for the D3A and B5N, etc.

I can't believe that the Sopwith Camel wasn't tagged as such until now though, I thought everyone called it that because of Snoopy if nothing else.

BUR #12472 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create implication seafire_(airplane) -> supermarine_spitfire
rename seafire_(airplane) -> supermarine_seafire
rename barracuda_(airplane) -> fairey_barracuda
rename gannet_(airplane) -> fairey_gannet
rename typhoon_(airplane) -> hawker_typhoon
rename tempest_(airplane) -> hawker_tempest
rename sea_fury_(airplane) -> hawker_sea_fury
create alias s-25_sunderland -> short_sunderland
rename rafale -> dassault_rafale

Well, I found a plane tag that didn't change the name into current standard yet. Also, since Seafire is a variant of Spitfire, I think it should be implied to the main tag.