Alias teeth_hold -> mouth_hold

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Mouths take a number of different forms in art and fiction. I think it's necessary to clarify when something is held, emphasized either by the teeth or mouth. For example, one usually emphasizes greater force being used to hold something if it's with the teeth. The mouth tag would typically be for simpler holding that might not exert any force.

Though an implication might not hurt.

There are only 500 teeth hold posts compared to 57k mouth hold posts. Meaning the tag is severely undertagged and needs to be populated. But if you actually try to populate it you'll quickly realize that a) it's often hard to tell whether a character is using their teeth or just their lips from the thumbnail, b) usually it doesn't make a difference either way, and c) when it does make a difference there are usually other tags like biting or grin or clenched teeth that can and should be used as well.

The bulk update request #12031 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create implication teeth_hold -> mouth_hold

Proposing the alternative. Looking at the first few pages of mouth hold I had difficulty finding actual teeth hold posts, due to the prevalence of closed mouth holds and things like lollipops and hair tie in mouth. I agree with Renim, I don't think it does any harm to have this subtag as long as all the results can be found with mouth hold.

It's also hard to find the kind of tomboyish look that teeth hold gives if we alias it away (post #5615684).

I tried populating it but in the first 1k posts I only found a few dozen, which is why I think it's worth keeping this tag around.

Note that teeth hold doesn't even overlap fully with mouth_hold grin because of things like post #5629306 or post #5133051.