deprecate therianthrope

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BUR #11568 has been approved by @evazion.

deprecate therianthrope

As a tag it's only been used for 66 posts, almost all of which are for the character Mutio. The wiki describes it as "Anything that is part human part animal. Examples include werewolves and vampires (at least the ones who turn into bats)." Vague at best, and could be easily covered under things like monster girl/monster boy, furry, and the various animal ears and related tags.

Yes, please. This pointless mouthful of a de-facto mutio synonym was first brought up 13 years ago. I myself made the same suggestion 11 years ago. Then there was another attempt 9 years ago. And another one by me 6 years ago. Then nonamethanks once again pointed it out one year ago. I hope it is finally dealt with this time. Also doing a mass update to monster_girl on the currently tagged posts would be a further improvement. This tag is not just obsolete, it was never useful in the first place.

Edit: There are some non-girls currently tagged therianthrope, so an automatic update is not a good idea. I'd happily take care of manually re-tagging the posts with monster_girl, monster_boy or whatever is appropriate, if people are in favor of that.