TF2 classes aliases

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The bulk update request #11649 has been rejected.

create alias spy_(tf2) -> the_spy
create alias scout_(tf2) -> the_scout
create alias pyro_(tf2) -> the_pyro
create alias sniper_(tf2) -> the_sniper
create alias heavy_(tf2) -> the_heavy
create alias soldier_(tf2) -> the_soldier
create alias medic_(tf2) -> the_medic
create alias engineer_(tf2) -> the_engineer
create alias demoman_(tf2) -> the_demoman

The "the" isn't actually used that often - the wiki's article names drop it, the characters refer to each other without it, and so generally do the players. "The" *is* used in some promotional material, but still, these should be at the very least available as aliases, if they shouldn't actually be hard renames.