Use for the power suit tag?

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I'm having a hard time figuring out if there's a point to us having a power suit tag separate from power armor. The wiki states that it's for mechanical suits that do not cover the user entirely, which I would assume means things like post #5577936 and post #4400648, but the vast majority of the tag doesn't seem to reflect that.

A lot of the posts are just power armor where the user has the helmet removed, mistags of other semi-adjacent tags (pilot suits, power armor, exoskeleton, mecha musume), and things like post #4663217 where you can't tell if the suits cover their full bodies or not from the view. Should this tag be kept around (with a hefty gardening effort to clean out the mistags), or is it too far gone and better off just being aliased to power armor? It doesn't help that googling power suit pretty much only returns stuff about formal suits, while wikipedia lists the term as a synonym for power armor and exoskeleton.