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Tied_up_(nonsexual) clarification

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Tied up (nonsexual) states,

"Physical restraint of a person in a comedic or non-sexual context, in contrast to bondage."

But to what extent is non-sexual classified on danbooru? No shibari? No ball gags? No erotic poses? No sexual/implied liquids? I believe it is necessary to discuss this to ensure the satisfaction of those seeking it.

I believe that the tagged posts should not have:
Sex toys, including ball gags.
Erotic posing
Sexual liquids/implied sexual liquids

At its core, it's supposed to be for things like post #5661672, but most taggers apparently think it just means "no one's having sex"

I think there are cases where "sexual" bondage could be presented comedically, but it probably makes more sense to just hard restrict tied up (nonsexual) to anything that isn't commonly used in sexual circumstances. Taggers can't even use it right as is, can't trust them to understand nuance and actually consider whether the post is comedic or sexual.

I agree sexual bondage may become nonsexual, but you're right- Restricting the tag to a lack of sexual circumstances is the best use of it. Still, what defines sexual circumstances? Nudity/bare privates? Sexual objects and items (Dildos, condoms) ought to make it sexual outright.

feline_lump said:

Agreed with the above stipulations. I just wanted to note that post #5723581 and post #5720826 were among the most recent posts in the tag when this thread started, despite the very blatant use of the word "nonsexual", so we'll definitely need to do some level of regular cleanup no matter what happens.

Which is the exact problem the tag had before getting the (nonsexual) qualifier, which shows that taggers either don't care, or genuinely think "nonsexual" means anything that isn't Rating:E