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The current wiki for dual persona:

Two different versions of the same character appearing together in the same image. Example: Saber & Saber Alter.

Each persona counts as a separate character, so don't use solo, 1girl or 1boy with this tag.

Do not use this tag for reference sheet, variations, multiple views, or other depictions of the same character from multiple points of view.

If the instances of the character are identical, use clone instead. If a character is meeting their older or younger self, see time paradox. If more than two personae are in one image, see multiple persona.


This should not be strictly exclusive from 1girl/solo. Saber and Saber Alter are separate individuals and understandably the 89 dual_persona saber saber_alter posts are tagged multiple girls. They are separate characters in the same setting, no confusion here. One, post #3649023 is tagged 1girl solo. Debateable: you might argue that the sword is reflecting the viewer, but the artistic intent is to overlay a part of Saber with Saber Alter (matching).

Then we have Ame-chan and Chouzetsusaikawa Tenshi-chan. The latter is Ame's appearance when she streams; they are the same person and it thematically shows in some posts like post #5477055, post #5087544, and post #5085920 tagged 1girl solo. A small picture is held over them. Imagine a normal post that contains a picture of a totally different character; the characters are tagged and the overall post is solo.

Recently in chat someone asked about post #5626965 and someone pointed out "Each persona counts as a separate character" then 2girls was added. I disagreed, which prompted my writing of this thread. There are more pieces this time but they still overlap and match the body's pose/silhouette. The pictures are not portals to a second body nor does the second character act independently.

These are not cross-section, revealing layer, x-ray, or reverse x-ray. What are they? post #4773567 (not actually dual persona) is even more superimposed. The rationale behind 1girl is we're seeing specifically one body, not one in front of the other.

Different reflection is a different animal, and tagging isn't as consistent. Some examples:

  • post #5532160 and post #5664836: Same character, alternate costume. 1girl regardless of same/different pose or hard/soft reflection, as long as the reflection is intended to be the same character. Former is also 1boy; latter is solo.
  • post #623324: Same character, alternate costume, soft reflection, somewhat off pose. 1girl solo. Not enough to be 2girls.
  • post #3915123: Character variant/dual persona, same pose, hard reflection. 2girls following the logic of "each persona counts as a separate character" and considering the possibility that the mirror is actually a glass wall (even though it's probably not) between two persons.
  • post #2733097: Character variant/dual persona, same pose, glass reflection. ?? On one hand, it contains a separate character tag that isn't just a named costume. On other hand, a viewer may interprete as "reflection of self in different costume".
  • post #4678944: Through mirror. Interacts with environment therefore 2girls regardless of characters. Appears to be clone, yet image and commentary carry dual persona vibes and is tagged as such. A rare exception where this may be tagged as both?

99% of dual_persona clone posts aside from a few Fate posts are just clones (no evidently different personality/presentation), some with alternate costume, and need to be pruned.
Most dual_persona 1girl -*boy* posts are missing solo tag. Possibly the tagger was unsure but didn't want to treat the post as 2girls.

Something I noticed: yor_briar dual_persona reflection post #5374460 and post #5382051 are both tagged 2girls but suddenly counts as one when there are, for example, three characters in post #5271707 (1boy 2girls; understandably Yor is just herself).

TL;DR dual persona counts as two persons in most cases, but I argue for solo for the "partial overlay" kind of thing as listed in OP.

I really don't think post #4773567 should be tagged solo.
I don't know about those dual persona vtubers or what have you, but in this case it is two completely separate characters. 1girl maybe because you count bodies and they're overlaid on one another, but by definition this is not solo.