tamagoyaki_pan <-> rectangular_frying_pan

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Yeah, I'm not a fan of using a romanization from a 2017 cookbook about eggs as the main name. Feels like it goes against a plain naming convention purely for the sake of being technical. Doubly so when the word gets 8k results on google, which is 1% of the results for "tamagoyaki pan". Triply so when you edited and approved the BUR with a completely new angle.

Hillside_Moose said:

Wikipedia's the gospel and Danbooru should follow its conventions to reach a "wider audience", except when it isn't. Gotcha.

But fine, I'll change it back.

I don't think anyone here believes we should unquestionably follow Wikipedia with complete disregard for common sense, so I don't know why you're acting like that. A cursory Google search would have told you that that term is extremely obscure. Even if we were to follow Wikipedia, why would we use the English-language article for a Japanese term instead of the Japanese-language article that calls it something else? You're just mindlessly trusting some random Wikipedia user from 2004 who barely knows Japanese who made that article?

I notice this trend lately where you seem to be haphazardly approving BURs as this is at least the third time you've approved something that immediately had to be reverted. I recommend you put more thought in before approving in the future, or at least give it a day or two for others to provide input. Especially if you're going to rewrite the BUR after people have voted.