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The bulk update request #13107 has been rejected.

create alias honeycomb_print -> hexagon_print

They are close enough concepts that I don't think they need to be separate. Favouring "hexagon" over "honeycomb" because of potential hexagonal prints that don't follow the honeycomb pattern, like post #5779840.

Not sure what to do about honeycomb print implicating honeycomb (pattern), though. Probably remove the implication?

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  • Oh, I do understand that. However, it still is a subset of a hexagon-based pattern. Patterns like this, this, this or this are examples of other hexagon-based patterns that aren't specifically the hexagonal tiling/honeycomb pattern.

    I think our choices are:

    • Merge honeycomb_print with hexagon_print ("hexagon" is the main tag) - this way, we encompass all potential hexagon-based prints. It must be said that most of hexagon-based prints both on both Danbooru and in real life are specifically the hexagonal tiling/tessellation/honeycomb pattern.
    • Merge hexagon_print with honeycomb_print ("honeycomb" is the main tag) - this way, we are skipping non-honeycomb hexagonal patterns completely. Alternatively, accepting a little bit of lee-way with what constitutes as "honeycomb" - so accepting posts like the aforementioned
    • Let them be separate - honeycomb for, well, honeycomb patterns, hexagon(al) for other patterns featuring that shape that aren't the tesselation.
    • Nuke hexagon_print (after moving relevant posts to the honeycomb tag) - since most of the posts are honeycombs anyway, we're not losing much.

    It should also be noted that only four posts in the hexagon print tag aren't Iono from Pokemon.

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