My upload limit looks fishy

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I only have 2 uploads, 1 deleted and 1 approved. Afterward, I noticed that:
- I'm already down to 14 upload slots.
- When hovering the upload limit, it says: "3 approved posts needed for next level (progress: 7 / 10) "

For the first one, I thought maybe the wiki simply omitted to say: "You lose a slot for every 3 deletions, as soon as the first one"
But whatever is going on with the level progress definitely looks wrong. I have no idea whether it was already like that before I uploaded.

You lose a third of the points you need to get another slot per deletion. You start with 1000 points and 10 bonus slots (plus the base of 5). You gain 10 points per approved upload and need 100 to unlock your first slot (10 approved uploads). Thus one deletion is worth 33 points. Since you also had one approval you're at 1000 + 10 - 33 points or 977, which is 9 bonus slots plus 77/100 points to the 10th. Since it's 10 points per approval it gives you 7/10 to getting back to 15.

I guess saying you have 7 uploads' progress to level if you only have 2 uploads is a bit misleading but it's just meant to illustrate how the levels are calculated.