A few thoughts on potential pools

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I was looking at a few Genshin Impact comedy comics by dulldull and had a thought about how they don't quite fit into some pools such as "Told You Not To Do That".

For instance, post #5666517. This one made me think of a Simpsons line from Ralph when he says "It tastes like... burning!"
Here's the line in particular: https://youtu.be/YE5mlNCRe9A
That'd honestly be a funny pool choice for when someone is serving a meal that clearly tastes awful or is downright unsafe to eat.

As for another one, post #5833899 doesn't quite feel like it'd fit into the "Told You Not To Do That" pool. It feels more like a "Hoisted By Your Own Petard" thing, but no such pool currently exists.

Do you think pools should be made for those sorts of things? Just thought I'd get a few opinions about it.

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  • "Clearly tastes awful or is downright unsafe to eat" would just be bad food. The example post seems more that the ones eating the food don't like it, rather than the meal being inherently bad, because Ganyu made it based on her own diet.

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