A few thoughts on potential pools

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I was looking at a few Genshin Impact comedy comics by dulldull and had a thought about how they don't quite fit into some pools such as "Told You Not To Do That".

For instance, post #5666517. This one made me think of a Simpsons line from Ralph when he says "It tastes like... burning!"
Here's the line in particular: https://youtu.be/YE5mlNCRe9A
That'd honestly be a funny pool choice for when someone is serving a meal that clearly tastes awful or is downright unsafe to eat.

As for another one, post #5833899 doesn't quite feel like it'd fit into the "Told You Not To Do That" pool. It feels more like a "Hoisted By Your Own Petard" thing, but no such pool currently exists.

Do you think pools should be made for those sorts of things? Just thought I'd get a few opinions about it.